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Mobigrip® -  Our solution is simple. Peel, Stick, Secure!
Simply loop the flexible, comfortable bungee over your finger and “LET YOUR PHONE TO HOLD YOU”.

Secure expensive, slippery smartphone devices from falling, sliding and possibly getting damaged or being forgotten. Compliment your natural grip and enjoy feelings of safety, confidence and increased usability. Mobigrip works with all kinds of mobile devices and most cases and for all ages and users.

This universal ‘feature rich’ solution addresses the problems of dropping, sliding, abrasion, cracked screens, expensive repairs, viewing, finding, snatch-grab theft, bacteria, surface liquids, etc.

Other products being sold don’t ‘hold you’ (pop out type), are uncomfortable to use (hard metal rings/plastic finger traps) or don’t easily ‘flex’ with smartphone use (elastic straps); Mobigrip does it all with style, quality, function and affordability!

We are the original ‘grip assist’.

● Smartphones, Cases, basic Cell phones even some Digital cameras!

● Attaches in seconds, Removes clean, Instantly relieves hand and mind from stress and worrying about drops! Loop it & Love it!

● An original multi-patented invention, made in the USA!

Mobigrip the original "grip assist"


Mobigrip is an adhesive disc with an elastic finger loop that sticks onto any gadget with a smooth surface to keep portable electronics securely connected to their mommies and daddies, eliminating the inevitable cracks in your screen when your iPhone no longer hits the pavement beneath you.

Kids are precious cargo. We strap them down and wrangle them in everywhere we go, with  the really paranoid among us controversially  tying their kids the the other end of a leash. So  in the case of our everyday gadgetry like cell phones, iPods and point-and-shoot cameras—only slightly less important than the kids, lets be honest—we see how there could be some really paranoid 'parents' too. You've seen them—the kinds of people that check their pants pocket for their iPhone every 10 seconds or fasten the wrist strap as tightly as they can before reaching over a banister to take a great shot of a vista. They're the market for this gadget accessory billed as the "safety belt for high-tech toys,"