How It Works?



 Mobigrip® - 

Our solution is simple. Peel, Stick, Secure!
Simply loop the flexible, comfortable bungee over your finger and “LET YOUR PHONE TO HOLD YOU”.

 Secure expensive, slippery smartphone devices from falling, sliding and possibly getting damaged or being forgotten. Compliment your natural grip and enjoy feelings of safety, confidence and increased usability. Mobigrip works with all kinds of mobile devices and most cases and for all ages and users.

This universal ‘feature rich’ solution addresses the problems of dropping, sliding, abrasion, cracked screens, expensive repairs, viewing, finding, snatch-grab theft, bacteria, surface liquids, etc.

Other products being sold don’t ‘hold you’ (pop out type), are uncomfortable to use (hard metal rings/plastic finger traps) or don’t easily ‘flex’ with smartphone use (elastic straps); Mobigrip does it all with style, quality, function and affordability!

 We are the original ‘grip assist’.

● Smartphones, Cases, basic Cell phones even some Digital cameras!

● Attaches in seconds, Removes clean, Instantly relieves hand and mind from stress and worrying about drops! Loop it & Love it!

● An original multi-patented invention, made in the USA!


The smartest 2 seconds of your day!

Simply pull the soft silicone loop over your finger and instantly feel safe and protected from any external threats to your cherished smartphone. The world just got a little easier.

Now, you wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt, would you?

“Here at Mobigrip, we strive to advance the mobile user experience"

How do we describe Mobigrip to our potential buyers? Easy. It is your personal “phone saver or grip assist” which provides a reliable backup solution to dreaded cell phone drops while feeling natural and quite comfortable. Voila, your phone is now holding you!

Everyone experiences that heart stopping rush that accompanies the thought “where is my phone?” Now, every time you wear Mobigrip, you are put at ease because you can feel your device looped around your finger! No longer do you need to be overly cautious or aware of holding your phone just right. Be confident and assured that it’s now connected. The world is stressful enough already. Reducing any concern these days is a good thing.



We strive to “advance the mobile user experience”. It would be a shame to waste that pretty penny spent on your cell phone to one hazardous drop! Mobigrip knows the solution is now in the palm of your hand!

Our product + your smartphone = the perfect match! So spend two seconds of your day in the best way possible and “try it to love it!”