MOBIGRIP®️ - Cellular Leash

“The ORIGINAL mobile phone grip assist”

Mobigrip attaches to the BACKSIDE of any smartphone and most cases. Simply loop the silicone bungee over your finger to instantly reduce chance of the phone dropping. Our strong bungee easily slips on and off and creates a "positive connection" with your phone.  The secure, connected feel is unlike any other phone grip and is easily switched between left and right hands or fingers based on user preference and comfort.  The soft, hypoallergenic silicone bungee will virtually never wear out and offers true drop protection, a non slip Urethane Gel and easy to use, flexible comfort!  These benefits are exclusive to Mobigrip.

When not in use, loop the silicone bungee around Mobigrip's circular body for a clean look.  Our low profile, smooth, integrated design is both elegant, pocket friendly and never bulky.  Multiple useful features integrated in our product create the 'Mobigrip experience'.  Form + Function + Feel

"When properly attached, our mobile phone grip assist provides ongoing protection against damage from accidental falling, slipping, surface liquids, bacteria, and allows for safer selfies, easier viewing (Glow option) and hands free use (Magnetic option).  Users appreciate the multiple benefits as soon as they try it.   Other stick on gadgets like; hard metal rings, awkward to hold bulky plastic pop outs or tight elastic straps can seem good but over time, often get removed or replaced.  Only Mobigrip allows your phone to HOLD YOU and feels this good!  Its actually quite addictive!

We hope you enjoy our product and share your stories with us!  We also offer full color, digital customization of product and packaging. Use Mobigrip as a gift, corporate swag, school fund raiser, wedding keepsake, walk-a-thon advertisement or handy promotional gadget for your business.  Virtual samples are available; email us for details.  We are manufactured in USA and satisfaction is guaranteed!  Check out the videos below for product USAGE and FEATURES.