Welcome Retailers!

Here's how to be able to place orders online, with credit cards and receive dealer pricing. Please fill out the New Account Form & Credit References Form and fax back to 1-310-362-8837 (fax) or scan and email to

Your opening order must be at least $250 ($1000 for International orders). Reorders are a minimum of $150 ($1000 for International orders). Reseller orders of $500 receive free shipping.

Once we receive all your information and approve your account (pre-paid on credit card until terms are offered) we will email you confirmation that your account is set up with dealer pricing

Send Proof of Business via Fax or Email as well.

1. Resale certificate or and any two of the following:

  • Link to Social Media page or Website.

  • Recent invoice from a supplier/vendor. 

  • Photograph of physical store front.

  • PDF copy of catalog or similar.

  • ASI / PPAI / SAGE distributor number.